Q+A with Jonathan Hope; Jamie Speight to sign with Stephen Vaughan

Posted: March 18, 2012 in Interviews
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LincBoxing caught up with football and boxing agent Jonathan Hope, who revealed that southern area super-featherweight champion Jamie Speight has agreed a deal with Vaughan Boxing.

Give us an idea of who you manage/promote and for how long you’ve been doing it?

At present I am currently focusing on Jamie Speight, I am building a stable very quickly but until I have contracts tied I’d like to stay discreet.

For how long have you been a boxing fan?

All my life I have followed boxing. I think it’s such a great sport and should be promoted in schools to encourage confidence and discipline.

Who are your favourite fighters?

Joe Calzaghe has to be the greatest British fighter ever. However, Anthony ‘Million Dollar’ Crolla is in my opinion the most exciting fighter of his weight at this time.

I am a massive Mike Tyson fan and believe he was the greatest of all time.

What plans do you have for Jamie Speight, how far do you think he can go?

Jamie is so dedicated; it’s unreal the work he puts in, he trains so hard that I believe he has three lungs. Jamie will be a world champion.

I have now agreed a deal with Stephen Vaughan to promote the fighter. VaughanBoxing.tv is a family club, which has been in business for years.  I was delighted to work with Stephen and the team.

Jamie will be promoted by Vaughan Promotions and we will all work together. We all hit it off straight away and we are all excited. I see a title fight in May for Jamie. That will be confirmed soon, though.

How do you know Anthony Crolla?

I met Anthony through Amir Khan at a show and since then we have been really close friends. He is my true confidant and I love the guy so much. He takes advice from me and we speak nearly every night.

His girlfriend loves our ‘bromance’ but anyone who knows Anthony will confirm he is probably the nicest lad ever. We are also in business projects together that we are developing and things look good. We are very close friends.

Do you think a meeting with Crolla and Ricky Burns will happen?

I hope so because Crolla will be a world champion. I watched Ricky Burns v Paulus Moses and I believe Crolla would out-score Burns. I’m not surprised the promoters couldn’t agree as I’m sure Frank Warren would want Burns to keep his title longer and avoiding Crolla is smart promotion.

What is your approach to boxing management/promotion?

Boxing is going the way it has always gone. Apart from the Chisora disgrace, it’s going well.

Management-wise, I keep in touch with my clients every day. I believe you need to be friends as well as a manager to keep a healthy relationship going. Fighters respect that and that’s what I offer.

As for promotion, I’ll leave that to Stephen Vaughan as he knows the ins and outs.

Do you have any plans to expand your stable?

Absolutely, I’m in talks with several big names and I believe it’s only a matter of time before they want to be apart of our outfit.

Would you consider promoting shows?

Not on my own, I’ll co-promote with Vaughan Boxing but that will be my limit for now. I certainly wouldn’t rule it out.

How can the sport of boxing improve?

By Crolla beating Burns in his own back yard and Jamie Speight becoming a world champion. These are non-biased opinions!

What is your involvement in other sports?

I have been a football agent for seven years now and have a massive stable of players – 54 to be exact – and each one I treat the same,  regardless of status. I have Premiership players to youth players. My website is www.milleniumfootballmanagement.co.uk and it’s worth a browse. I have some things on there but some I have to keep confidential. The site shows a little of what I do.


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