Shane McPhilbin says he was “ripped off” in Enzo Maccarinelli title defeat

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Interviews
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SHANE McPhilbin says he got “ripped off” after losing his British Cruiserweight title in controversial circumstances on Friday.

The Bulwell man put challenger Enzo Maccarinelli on the canvas in the first round of their bout in Wolverhampton but the bell to mark the end of the round was rung 47 seconds too early.

Despite speculation that former world champion Maccarinelli may now retire, McPhilbin – whose record dropped to 8-3 following the defeat – is pressing for a re-match.

“I need a re-match – I deserve it. I gave Enzo a shot at my title, which I didn’t have to do,” said McPhilbin, who also floored Maccarinelli (35-5) in the third round before slipping to a wide points loss (115-111, 116-111, 115-110).

“I got ripped off. Someone cannot look at a clock properly. It’s the second time this has happened, because in the (Leon) Williams fight the round finished 21 seconds early.

“I heard a bell, then the referee said ‘box, box, box’ and I could have had Enzo again, but then the bell rang – again – and the round ended.

“I’ve backed down from no one and I deserve a re-match.”

  1. Martin Cross says:

    Shane is 100% right, if the round went to the right timer i think shane would of had a 1st round KO on enzo, rematch is the right call, i also find it wrong that 9 out of the 10 match reports i have read about the fight dont mention the 47secs mistake and seems to focus on making enzo sound good when to be honest the headlines should of been saying “Enzo KO’ed in the first round”

  2. charlotte says:

    shane is right, that fight was over in the first round if you ask me the boxing world oviously did’nt like seeing enzo hurt so quickly, total rematch needed so he can do it all over again and get the belt back he deserves.In my eyes enzo definatly does’nt deserve that belt.

  3. grahame says:

    i think it would of been over in the 1st round and shane would of retained the title.It is not right that shane lost the title because of another persons mistake.It makes you think the yome keeper did this on purpose because it is a simple job to do even my 6 yr old son can do a better job at time keeping.

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