No distractions for Kieran Farrell as he adapts to new training camp in Belfast

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Interviews
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KIERAN Farrell has been jogging around the streets of Belfast for just a few days, and yet he knows them intimately.

Farrell has swapped home life for a Spartan existence with trainer John Breen, having parted company with Bobby Rimmer. His goal is to be a world champion – and this is the starting point.

“This is what I wanted to do from being a little lad,” says the 21-year-old, who recently joined the Coldwell Boxing roster.

“I’m now on a little council estate in Belfast and believe me, it’s not easy. But when I got into the gym and there were 20 lads there – people like Paul McCloskey and Jamie Conlon – it was jam-packed with quality boxers. We all have a chat after training and they’re top guys.

“When I’m there, John is constantly chirping at me, telling me what he wants me to do, which is great. Working with Eamonn Magee – son of the former Commonwealth champion – has been really good, too”

Although Farrell’s upcoming fight on Dave Coldwell’s Birmingham show has been called off following the event’s cancellation, he will be the featured performed in Bolton on June 22, battling Joe Elfidh for the central area lightweight championship.

He was attracted by Coldwell’s ambition, and now adjustments made in training have left the Heywood-born fighter (11-0)

Kieran Farrell, right, with David Coldwell

more confident than ever over his chances of reaching his world title goal and fulfilling a long-held ambition to fight in Las Vegas.

“All the time previously I was looking to hit a left jab then following up with ’the big one’,” he admits.

“I was always going gung-ho and John has stopped that. He wants me to keep my head moving all the time, looking to pick my shots. It’s a big change all round, I’ve dropped from 10st 9lbs to 10st 5lbs and I’m putting that all down to my training.

“I know it’s hard because I’m out of my comfort zone, but it’s what I needed. There are no distractions. If I train hard, I’ll become a world champion.”


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