Amir Unsworth rules out another Midlands Area title shot for Northampton’s Jamie Spence

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

An adamant Amir Unsworth has ruled out any chance of long-term rival Jamie Spence fighting for his Midlands Area lightweight title again.

The two were set to battle it out for Unsworth’s belt in Sleaford this evening before Spence pulled out with a bout of flu.

The Northampton-based challenger, who has won nine and lost three from 12 contests, withdrew from a previous title bout between the two back in November.

“He bottled it as far as I’m concerned,” said an angry Unsworth. “I also had the flu in the build up to the fight but I was in no doubt that I wanted the fight. I knew what I had to do and I was ready for it.

“I was mentally geared up for winning the fight. As for Jamie Spence, once is fair enough, twice is a joke.

“I am not going to go through another 10-week training camp for him again. He has lost his chance to win my belt as far as I’m concerned.”

It was all set to be a memorable night for the Sleaford-based boxer. More than 200 of his fans were set to cheer him on and one of his closest friends, Steve Doolen, was set to parade his belt to the ring before the first bell.

Doolen lost a leg while serving his country in Afghanistan last year after stepping on an explosive device.

But after Spence pulled out, promoter Carl Greaves was forced to cancel the show.

Now, Unsworth is set to return to the army himself before hoping to land an English title shot in the summer.

“I have just had the best training camp ever and I know what level I’m at,” added Unsworth, who lost to Derry Matthews when fighting for the Liverpudlian’s English title last year. “I should be an English title contender and that is where I will be again.

“I have been sparring with light-welterweight Steve Williams and been doing really well.”Image

Despite losing his last two fights, Unsworth still boasts a decent record of 13 wins, five defeats and one draw.

  1. scott evans says:

    Jamie spence is a complete let down the guy has had 2 chances to fight for this title, twice has pulled out with minimal timing to go. Jamie has not only blew his chance to be a champ he also wasted the time an effort of a lot of people to see this fight and set up the whole event.
    In my words jamie spence is a CHUMP an never will be a champ. Hes an embarrisment to the sport the only thing he has got from this is not having another loss to his record.
    Amir Unsworth champion and staying that way.

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