Michael Stupart set to join Peacock Gym to spark life into his career

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Determined Scotsman Michael Stupart hopes training in London will spark a dramatic change of fortune in the ring.

The 28-year-old featherweight is yet to win a contest since turning professional last year.

A draw against Dean Anderson in Walsall earlier this month slammed the breaks on four straight defeats and Stupart is now desperate to clinch his maiden victory.

Working in the construction industry, Stupart spends much of his time travelling up and down the country – making training difficult.

But Stupart is set to join the Peacock Gym in London and hopes to settle in a bid to improve his boxing record.

“It really is difficult balancing work with boxing sometimes,” said Supart. “I am currently based in Cumbria, but often go back to train in Scotland.

“Sometimes I am training all over the place. But I am determined to get a win as soon as I can and I am confident of doing that.

“I have been involved in some horrible decisions. I should have won my debut bout against Zak Smith and I certainly should have won in my last fight against Dean Anderson.

“Unfortunately you get quite a lot of that in boxing – but it doesn’t put me off. I just need to keep working hard and that win will come.”

“I am looking forward to getting involved at the Peacock Gym. It has a good reputation and I will learn a lot from it.

“It will be better sparring and training for me and there are some good people down there so hopefully that will make the difference.”

After controversially losing his debut, Stupart suffered two knockout defeats to Lewis Pettitt and highly rated Ryan Doyle.

He then improved with a points loss against undefeated Mark Evans.

Stupart added: “Ryan Doyle was probably the best fighter I have faced and I think he will go far.


Michael Stupart (right) in action against Zak Smith

“But I need to focus on me and get this win under my belt. Winning breeds confidence and that’s what I need to do.”

  1. john bell says:

    The flying scotsman will win his next fight easy gone wee man

  2. brogan stupart says:

    go on dad i love u

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