Bradley Saunders: “I want to win everything.”

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Rising star Bradley Saunders will continue his world title crusade when he takes to the ring for his third professional fight in July.

The light-welterweight, who won gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, has already blown away vastly experienced pair Jason Nesbitt (9 wins, 139 losses, 3 draws) and Danny Dontchev (4 wins, 44 losses) with devastating third round and first round stoppages respectively.

And the 26-year-old, managed by Frank Warren, insists he has the ability to be crowned world champion within five years.

“I wouldn’t have bothered coming into the sport if I didn’t think I could be a world champion,” Saunders told Lincboxing.

“I think the light-welterweight class is wide open and I want to win everything.

“I want to start by winning an Area title, then English, British, Commonwealth and European. After that I will fancy a world title shot.

“I don’t necessarily want to jump or miss out on any of the belts. I want to say I have won them all.”

Durham-based Saunders, who was also crowned European Amateur champion in 2009, is yet to hear the name of his next opponent. But he hopes it is a step up in class from his first two bouts.

“I just want to showcase what I can do,” continued Saunders. “I just want to get in there and get the job done in the best possible style. If I can knock them out and send out a message to the rest of the division, then I will.

“I was devastated after beating my last opponent so early last month. But what can you do? I want rounds under my belt but also show what I can do.

“I just want to have a fight next time. I want someone to come and have a go.

“I want to be fighting as often as possible because I don’t intend to hang about at this level for very long.

“I want titles as soon as possible.”


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