British champion Brian Rose aims to fight for world title within 18 months

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

If fights continue to be won in style, British light-middleweight champion Brian Rose will compete for a world title within 18 months.

At least that is the target charismatic manager Frank Maloney has set him.

The Blackpool boxer, nicknamed The Lion, has fought three times in the last six months – culminating in a “slack” if albeit victorious performance against Scotland’s Kris Carslaw (15 wins, two losses) earlier this month.

The exciting prospect (20 wins, one draw, one loss) has high hopes of going on to be crowned world champion one day but believes he needs to take his career one belt at a time.

“Of course I want to be a world champion and I believe I have the ability to achieve that,” Rose told Lincboxing.

“Before that I want to successfully defend my British title a couple more times and then fight for the European belt.

“With the European belt should come that world title crack. Frank Maloney has told me he thinks I can do it within 18 months. That would be great but I am in no rush.”

Rose aims to be back in the ring in early September against Kent-based Sam Webb (18 wins, two losses) and hopes to build on a gutsy points win over the dangerous Carslaw.

If successful, a fight could be arranged with English light-middleweight king Erick Ochieng – who defeated Newark’s Andrew Lowe recently.

Ochieng has since declared an interest in fighting Rose and has even claimed he will be world champion himself one day.

An unfazed Rose had a message for Ochieng.

“I don’t understand why he saying that to be honest,” added 27-year-old Rose. “I have never been that fighter or person where I mouth off. I just take it each fight at a time and see where I am.

“The fact is Erick Ochieng is only an English champion and he has achieved little at the moment.

“I respect all fighters but I would have far too much class for him. I would welcome the match up but Sam Webb is the mandatory challenger.

“Ochieng will have to wait his turn. I would be very confident of beating him.”


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