Jody Meikle: “Sooner or later I am going to turn over one of these big prospects and it is going to be so funny.”

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tough journeyman: Jody Meikle

Sooner or later Jody Meikle will “turn over” one of Britain’s hot prospects.

When he does, the 32-year-old light-heavweight insists he will laugh – and then laugh some more.

With three victories from 25 fights, Meikle, who calls himself the ‘funniest journeyman in boxing’, does not boast the best record in the business.

But, in his own words, the man who “loves a brawl” says he boxes purely for fun and games.

“I love it,” said Meikle, who has lived in Scunthorpe all his life. “It is fair to say I have been in some trouble with the coppers in the past and I’ve been put away in prison a few times.

“I used to go out on the drink and beat bouncers up. It wasn’t clever and I know that now.

“But I was desperate to get into a gym and channel my aggression in the right way. I didn’t start boxing until I was 27 but once I did I couldn’t stop.

“I just got the buzz for it and I am grateful because it is keeping me on the straight and narrow.

“I just do it for the crack. I am not too bothered about titles – I just want to fight because I can’t get enough of it. It’s a laugh. I want to win every fight, but more than anything I do it for the buzz.”

Meikle has fought a number of prospects already – including undefeated Commonwealth gold medallist Callum Johnson.

He revealed he was close to securing a blockbuster bout with another unnamed high profile boxer in the division later this year.

“Honestly, I am going to turn over one of these prospects eventually and it’s going to be so funny,” continued Meikle. “I will certainly have a laugh to myself when it happens.

“I am not scared of anyone and will fight anyone.”

Meikle is scheduled to fight unbeaten Ray Ginley in Belfast next month and the Englishman, who was never stopped as an amateur, has a warning for his opponent.

“I couldn’t care less what he brings to the ring – whatever as far as I’m concerned,” added Meikle.

“He is another prospect and I will have another go at beating one. I always raise my game for the big name fighters and I will do the same for this.

“I’m looking forward to it and I doubt I will be stopped. I have only been stopped twice in my professional career and on both occasions they were silly errors.

“I was never stopped as an amateur and I took great pride in that – I enjoyed maintaining that record. I have fought some really tough opponents too.

“Very few peopl have actually hurt me but I remember being hit by Richard Towers in an amateur bout and I was like ‘what the hell is this about?’

“That guy can seriously punch hard and I think he will go on to big things. I am just happy fighting as often as possible!”

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