Amir Unsworth: I will overcome Kev Hooper challenge and then bring on Tommy Coyle or Kieran Farrell

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Amir Unsworth is fired up and ready to hit big time domestic boxing again.

The tough Sleaford lightweight (13 wins and five defeats) has just begun preparing for the defence of his Midlands Area title against unbeaten prospect and stable-mate Kevin Hooper on October 19.

More important than that however, is that the victor will catapult themselves into English title contention against either Tommy Coyle or Kieran Farrell in 2013.

Grimsby based Hooper will enter the ring with 12 straight wins under his belt. But Unsworth is adamant there will be only one winner when the two lock horns in Cleethorpes.

“I am preparing for evey scenario possible and I will win this fight,” Unsworth told Lincboxing. “I have an A, B and C game ready and to be fair against a fighter like Kevin, you need it.

“But whatever questions Kevin Hooper asks in that ring, I will have the answers for. I have an 11-week training camp and I am going to work so hard for this.”

The experience lies with Unsworth, who already fought for the English crown against Derry Mathews in early 2011. Mathews was too good on that occasion and stopped Unsworth in the first round.

Both fighting under promoter Carl Greaves, Unsworth and Hooper know each other’s game well and have sparred each other on several occasions.

“I have always thought sparring has been quite equal between us,” admitted Unsworth. “The difference in the fight is that we are really going to be feeling each other’s punches. We are going to be trading hard leather and I am confident I can beat him.

“Kev is a nice kid and a good professional. He has a life to lead, bills to pay and he is determined to be the best he can in the sport. I am no different, so it will be an absolute cracker of a fight.

“I am taking at least 100 fans up to support me so it is going to be more than vocal – it always is with my support.

“I’m not looking beyond Kevin, but once I win I can’t wait to get in there with whoever the English champion is at that point. Whether it’s Tommy Coyle or Kieran Farrell, I could beat either of them.

“It is my dream to be crowned English champ and that is what I must do.”

Hard hitting: Amir Unsworth

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