Steve Goodwin says Ali Adams was being lined up for £100,000 bout in the Middle East

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Interviews
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PROMOTER Steve Goodwin has revealed Ali Adams was lined up for a £100,000 bout in the Middle East had he seen off Audley Harrison.

Iraqi-born Adams was knocked out in the fourth round of their May clash in Brentwood, and subsequently tested positive for a banned substance. He has since claimed that the substance may have been included in medication he was taking for a neck injury and that he would never knowingly take anything on the banned list.

And now Goodwin says the defeat and subsequent revelations have damaged a career which could have included a bout against a boxing great.

“We had big plans for him, we were going to take him to the Middle East,” said Goodwin.

“There were people ready to back him and we were looking at people like James Toney as opponents.

“Ali had a big chance in that fight because I believe Audley was not fully fit. So it was gutting when he lost and gutting when we found out about the drug test.

“He is maintaining that he took the substance naively rather than intentionally but when I met him I told him that it (the explanation) was not good enough. People around him are saying he is innocent and, ultimately, only he will know.

“Ali is a really nice guy and we had money invested in him, but athletes have to make sure they are following the rules.”

In an email published by Boxing News, Adams, 30, said: “I would like to make it clear than I did not and would never intentionally take any banned substances.

“I am totally against the use of drugs in sport and I would never try to enhance my performance by taking them. I hope to resolve this matter as soon as possible.”

Adams has been suspended from boxing until UK Anti-Doping complete their investigation.


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