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  1. David Payne says:

    Thanks for the blog follow.

  2. kevin williams says:

    How refreshing to see such a fact generated website. Fantastic site keep it up!

  3. Shaun Brown says:

    Nice looking blog mate. Fine work all round.

  4. kevin williams says:

    What a pity that Munroe – Quigg match ended so abruptly, but that’s Boxing for you!
    Shame about Ryan Rhodes, let’s hope he retires now, he’s been a great Boxer providing some superb entertainment over the years, go now Spice Boy you’ve nothing left to prove.
    Great finish by Chavez he’s nowhere near as good as his Dad, but he aint half bad either, certainly better than the critics give him credit for.

  5. Kevin Williams says:

    What a shame that Frank Warren has decided to ignore all that is decent just for a purse of Silver.
    Let’s not pretend that Haye V Chisora is a Boxing match it’s just a money making street fight, it would seem that neither Boxers have been Drug testted despite the plathora of scandals involving Drug abuse in the sport of late.
    Both of these Figthers brought the Sport into disrepute by their shameful actions and Frank Warren Britain’s premier Promoter has now aided the downful of this great sport shame on them all.
    Having said all of that your report on this event is thoughtful and well
    balanced – well done!
    Oh and by the way Come on Khan!!

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